A lifelong resident of Washington, D.C., Abby graduated from Sidwell Friends School, then earned a B.A. in Psychology and a M.A. in Mathematics from American University. She has over three years of tutoring experience at AU, first serving as a supplemental instructor for Basic Statistics, then working in the Mathematics and Statistics Tutoring Lab, helping students in all 100- and 200-level Math and Stat classes. Abby currently serves as Math/Stat Tutoring Coordinator at AU, managing the Tutoring Lab and establishing additional support structures. She has also privately tutored middle- and high-school students for over a year.

Abby works to inspire a love of learning in her students. She is passionate about mathematics and loves helping students grasp the complexity, beauty, and joy of math. She also enjoys helping students extend their quantitative reasoning skills to other STEM disciplines.

Serving as an intern with the American Mathematical Society’s Government Relations Office last year, she learned about how academic and research communities work with industry and government to develop STEM education and support basic and applied research.

When she is not working with students, Abby enjoys spending time with her friends, playing with her two cats, Mama and Evie, and binging on television shows on Netflix. She has recently taken up slacklining and is slowly building her balancing skills.