Amadi completed a degree in environmental sciences from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He then completed a Master’s degree from Harvard University, where he focused on advanced statistics and quantitative studies. For over ten years, Amadi has tutored students and young professionals in a variety of subjects, including GMAT prep and SAT prep, and a number of his students have gone on to top Ivy League and public universities around the world. He also has over a decade of experience with pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, and essay writing tutoring.

Amadi grew up valuing education at a young age, and likes to inspire others to achieve their educational goals. Amadi enjoys deconstructing test questions and building students’ confidence in their ability to solve problems through multiple modes of analysis. He strongly believes that a student’s effort will determine their achievement and that any student can improve his or her academic performance if they are willing to work hard enough.

In his free time, Amadi is passionate about entrepreneurship, and enjoys competitive sports and being outdoors.