Desmond has been teaching secondary level mathematics for five years and tutoring mathematics for ten years. He has taught community college, middle school, and high school courses such as: Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Pre-Calculus; additionally, he has enjoyed the privilege and challenge of tutoring all secondary level mathematics up to Calculus I and Business Calculus. He truly appreciates the opportunity to work with students from all levels and from both the public and private sectors as it has shaped how he approaches teaching and learning; thus, he has the ability to break very complex concepts down to their elementary parts for the youngest and most novel of learners to grasp and fully understand. He has taught in Suffolk, Norfolk, Virginia Beach (all in Virginia), Washington D.C., and currently he is teaching at a private school in Fairfax County. With that experience, he has worked with students that have needed academic supports and interventions with individualized education plans and has worked with students who were gifted and needed additional challenges and rigor; thus, he has a skill set that allows him to reach a multitude of students.

Desmond’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from Old Dominion University and a Master of Education degree in Individualized Studies from Regent University. He finds enjoyment in both of the mathematics and the education components; for him, they go hand-in-hand to create the optimal learning experience in mathematics.

Furthermore, he absolutely loves teaching and tutoring, and enjoys meeting new people as he has an extremely warm, welcoming, and engaging personality. More importantly, he looks forward to working with you and your child to pull out the mathematician that lies inside him or her.