Laura has tutored middle and high school students at all stages of Latin. Her goal is to ignite students’ desire to learn and to equip them to achieve those small, academic victories, so that overall they can achieve their goals and take pride in their work.

Laura is always finding new ways to bring Latin to life and help students make the language their own. As a written tongue, Latin unlocks a whole universe of literature, art, and music, and as a mental discipline, Latin aids in writing, reading comprehension, and learning new languages. Laura has experienced these benefits of Latin in her own writing and speaking, as well as in her studies of Italian, Spanish, and Greek. She especially enjoys discovering her students’ interests and connecting Latin with the things they love.

Laura recently graduated valedictorian from Christendom College in the Shenandoah Valley. There she pursued her passion for history, philosophy, politics, and classical languages. In her spare time she directed the student chamber orchestra, helped run the campus debate society, and earned multiple awards in Latin translation contests against undergraduates across the country. Laura also completed a semester in Italy and attended short-term programs in Ireland, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, and Poland.

In addition to tutoring, Laura works with a portfolio of companies, based near D.C., specializing in travel abroad and pre-professional training programs. In the evenings she can usually be found listening to audiobooks, going to lectures, and discussing philosophy and theology with friends.