Meagan is an Argentine American heritage Spanish speaker who moved to D.C. in 2015 to begin a PhD in Spanish Linguistics at Georgetown University. With a B.A. in math and chemistry from New York University and a M.A. in Chemistry Education also from NYU, she has experience working with learners of all ages from elementary to graduate-level and has taught and tutored math, science, Spanish, and English for over a decade in cities around the U.S., Argentina, and Spain. As an educator, she aims to establish a safe, learner-friendly environment for her students, where they are comfortable to ask questions, try out new concepts, and even make mistakes as they develop their understanding of the content at hand. Her goal is to guide and encourage students to be their own academic advocates and help them understand the learning and study methods that work best for them.

When she isn't teaching or working on her dissertation, Meagan can be found traveling, reading mystery novels, playing tennis, or studying a new language (currently, Modern Greek).