Originally from Southwest Pennsylvania, Nate recently graduated from American University with a dual degree in economics and history as well as a mathematics minor. While at American, Nate tutored writing, economics, and calculus to college students in one-on-one sessions for nearly three years. Nate also served as a teaching assistant for introductory macroeconomics courses for two semesters. Despite working with over 300 students as a TA, Nate enjoyed making individual connections with students who sought extra help. Through these experiences, Nate found a passion in teaching students how to think critically about new or challenging concepts. He seeks to ensure students understand fundamental principles of the subject at hand, and more importantly, to have confidence in their abilities to succeed. 

Nate is currently a research assistant at a non-profit non-partisan think tank in the D.C. area, where he exercises his skills in economics and writing daily. When Nate is not researching or tutoring, he can be found running, hiking, or biking somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains.