Tatev has a PhD in Comparative Linguistics and has been teaching Spanish as a second language, Russian, and Linguistics for eighteen years. Being raised bilingual and having learned three foreign languages, she is familiar with the methodology and tricks that are helpful when learning or teaching a new language.

In 2014, Tatev was nominated for a George Mason University Annual Teaching Excellence Award. Her philosophy is that students will learn a language if they love it, and they will love it only if the teacher puts her heart into the educational process. Tatev aspires to follow this approach in all of her teaching. She believes that another very important aspect of productive teaching is exploring unique learning curves of individual students, and realizing that each one of them improves their skills dissimilarly. As a result, she maintains friendships with many of her students beyond graduation. 

In her free time, Tatev enjoys reading and learning about new subjects, as well as hiking and playing outdoor games.