Victoria has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. While earning her degree, Victoria spent a semester abroad in Spain, where she fell in love with the immersion experience, leading her to study in Argentina the following summer. She also used her Spanish-speaking skills to help the local college community by volunteering at Abogados, a local law firm that served Latin American immigrants, and the YMCA’s After School Homework Program. These experiences, along with her class instruction, confirmed her love of language and ignited an interest in education.

After graduation, Victoria worked for several think tanks, doing translation work (from Spanish to English), policy research and funding related work. These experiences gave her valuable skills, and exposed her to education policy and current issues in U.S. schools. Inspired, Victoria decided to put policy on hold to work in the classroom so that she could experience these problems first-hand. After three years of teaching and tutoring students from diverse backgrounds and ages (five to sixteen), Victoria has found a passion in educating others and sharing knowledge that they will hopefully carry with them and use outside of the classroom. Although she primarily focuses on tutoring students from kindergarten through high school in Spanish, she also has copious experience providing math, reading and writing intervention and tutoring services for students through sixth grade. 

Currently, Victoria is getting her Master’s degree in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Maryland. After getting her degree, she wants to return to the classroom, where she can utilize her knowledge, experience and skill set to help ensure that students she teaches receive proven best practices and instruction in Spanish. She also hopes that she can inspire future generations to find an interest in foreign languages.

In her spare time, Victoria enjoys baking, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.